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Western University's Amit Chakma Engineering Building - LEED Platinum

For over 45 years, Chorley + Bisset has been a leader in the field of building energy efficiency. We actively help our Clients reduce their own environmental impact through construction of energy efficient, sustainable buildings. All members of our design team are aware of the environmental impacts of their design decisions, and approach each project with methodologies that ensure sustainability and energy efficiency. We are committed to ensuring the systems we design are efficient, controllable, and maintainable, all of which will increase their sustainability.

LEED Certification

LEED™ accreditation requires demonstration of a comprehensive understanding of green building principles and knowledge of LEED™ requirements, resources and procedures. All of the management team members have earned LEED™ accreditation, making Chorley + Bisset well equipped to lead environmentally responsible and sustainable building engineering projects. We provided the engineering services for the first three LEED buildings in the London area, including the Sisters of St. Joseph London Residence project, which was the first LEED Gold certified project in the region. The building's energy performance continues to exceed predictions. Our numerous subsequent LEED projects have all been large, complex buildings that required creative and innovative design approaches to achieve LEED certification. Most of our LEED projects have set the bar high – at the LEED Platinum and Gold levels.


Western University Lassonde Pavilion - LEED Gold

Recent Sustainable Projects

LEED Platinum
  • Western University's Amit Chakma Engineering Building
  • Western University's Interdisciplinary Research Building
  • Western University's Music Building Addition & Renovation
  • Western University's Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Pavilion Addition
  • Western University's Convergence Centre
  • Western University's 1050 Bio-Industrial Building
  • Sisters of St. Joseph Residence

Carleton University MacOdrum Library - 3 Green Globes

LEED Silver
  • King's University College's Student Life Centre
  • Western University's Stevenson-Lawson Building Renovation
  • Western University's Physics and Astronomy Building Renovation
  • Fiddick's Nursing Home
  • Highbury Ave. Long Term Care Facility
  • Vision Nursing Home Addition
Green Globe Projects
  • Brescia University College's Residence & Dining Pavilion - 5 Green Globes
  • Carleton University's Health Sciences Building - 5 Green Globes
  • Carleton University's MacOdrum Library Addition - 3 Green Globes